Hacks to succeed at your JEE Main Exam 2018

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JEE MAIN Exam 2018:

All set to commence on the 8th of April is JEE Main Exam 2018 which is the entrance exam for candidates seeks admission into the top engineering colleges. The students preparing for it are in a continued state of turmoil and anxiety. The preparation for this exam is a never-ending task. It requires students to dedicate many hours of the day to studying every day. This demanding preparation process does not have a negative effect on our students though, at least not usually. Preparation for this entrance exam requires a lot of planning and scheduling. If not planned the right away, this demanding entrance exam syllabus really gets students to go ballistic! Speaking of entrance exam, the JOSAA 2018 counseling dates are out, and you find can them on this link here: https://www.iaspaper.net/josaa-2018/

So, what can you do to improve your preparation for this tyrant of an exam, and does not jeopardize your career, or at least not give you anxiety about jeopardizing your career? To help you stay calm and not pull your hair out, we have conducted a survey and put together few hacks to help you crack you’re the JEE Main exam. The pointers given below are extracts from the real-life experiences of former students who have prepared and written the JEE Main exam, or tested hacks and solutions from reliable sources. And also, the KRMU fees structure is also live which can be found on their official website right now!

Few Hacks or Power Tips to crack JEE MAIN Exam:

These are a few hacks that are to help you make preparation easier which otherwise is in complicated patterns you generally follow:

Make a scheduled plan: Make an appointed scheduled plan for your studies. Prepare a schedule, and stick to it. This way you train your mind to stick to a discipline and study the needful at given time for a fixed period of time.

45/15 Rule: This is a rule followed by many students. It is an effective method for not wearing yourself out when studying for the JEE Main exam. Make sure to concentrate and study for a good 45 minutes (seems impossible, but you can do it!), then take a 15-minute break. This break is your time to relax and rejuvenate for another session of hard-core studying. But this also helps your mind in observing the lessons you’ve studied in your session.

Avoid Distractions: Stay away from distractions like social media TV and your mobile phone. These can be a momentary distraction and then two hours later you have watched two episodes of a series and snacking. Keep your phone away from the place you are studying. As this will reduce the number of times you will check your phone.

Read and Clear: Reading is your savior. Do it every day that is the only way you will retain the information you have observed over a period of time. Daily doses of reading also help you find any doubts or problems that you may have in the subject at an earlier stage. Clear your doubts then and there. This helps you to progress in the subject, and also gives you confidence.

Move On: While preparing, it’s only normal to get stuck on to a question or topic that you cannot solve no matter what! And now don’t get discouraged, slap a post it on the question, a move on! Being stuck for far too long on one topic gets you demotivated, and wastes a lot of your time.

Practice, Revise, Repeat: This goes without saying that you need to practice daily. Work out old papers online, this helps you cover a lot of your syllabus, and also is a great revision. Watch tutorials, any kind of help to get you through your syllabus is welcomed! Then simply repeat the whole process!

The exams can be nerve-racking, but instead of drowning in pressure, figure out ways for yourself as to how studying works for you in order to get best results. As everybody works differently. And best of luck for your JEE Main.

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