How to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt 2018 – Preparation Plan/Tips

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How to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt 2018 – Study Plan

Many of the Candidates may don’t know the right idea to prepare for the SBI Clerk Exam, that is the only reason they fail to crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt. But don’t be panic, if you are one of those then this article will be beneficial for you because today we discuss with you the correct way to prepare for SBI clerk exam and also provide you some Preparation Tips that you can follow.

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Now, I will tell you the 4 most important points that you should focus on if you seriously want to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt.

Remember:- Today, what you are going to learn are all based on real experiences, so if you try these all preparation tips wholeheartedly, then you will definitely succeed. Also, what I am going to share with you is just simple tips but important, so please read the full article seriously.

4 Points to keep in mind to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attemptcrack sbi clerk exam in first attempt

Have you seen that image? If you had, then you must get what four points I am talking about. See, most of us know about this very well but still these points need your attention.

  • The first and foremost thing that comes to every work whether you are studying, playing, and working, etc. is “Planning”. So, first make the Fixed Study Plan, take out your pen and notebook and draw a study plan for yourself. The study plan will consist the subject you are going to study, the time you will allot to a particular subject and the time for the revision.
  • After preparing the Fixed Study Plan, the next work is to “Do Study Regularly”, many of the candidates made the study plan but failed to study according to it. So, a regular study is important as per the planning.
  • Now, if you are regularly doing the study then you must follow some strategy to Act Smart” so that you can easily crack Sbi clerk exam in first attempt. Below we have discussed the strategy that one should follow while studying for any competitive exam.
  • See, you have now made a study plan and also doing a regular study but have you ever thought that what to study and what not for SBI Clerk Exam. I know many of the candidates don’t put much attention to it and they start doing studying their sample paper, etc. But I will tell you what you should study while preparing for the SBI Clerk Exam.

So, these are four points that you should focus on. 

What is the “Act Smart” Strategy?

“Act Smart Strategy” is nothing but a way to do a study in a smart manner. Many of you maybe know about this but I am damn sure you didn’t follow it. See, whenever you start your preparation for SBI Clerk Exam, always remember to make short notes of whichever important thing you notice. Remember, the short note should be as crisp as possible. What I mean by the word “Short Notes”, many of the candidates are actually don’t know the real meaning of short notes that’s why they don’t make it but today after reading this you all will make short notes. Actually “Short Notes” is not just about writing the important points but also writing those point in your own best language, don’t just copy the bookish language but only take the important keyword and use those keywords in your own language, that’s it. If you still don’t get what I want to say then see the below image for further reference.

crack sbi clerk exam in first attempt

So, now many of you must be thinking that making short notes is not an “Act Smart Strategy“. You are wrong here, actually, the benefit of these short notes comes into the picture at the time of revision. Because with the help of it you have not to worry at all to look into your book or sample paper about the important topics because you already have a hard copy of those points, so here your time is saved. That’s why I called it “Act Smart Strategy” because from the beginning you are making your short notes and preparing yourself not only for the present but for future also.

How to know What to study and What not?

There will be five section of the exam which is English section, Reasoning Section, Quantitative Aptitude Section, Computer Knowledge Section, and Financial Awareness Section.

Now, you have to study according to these sections. I will tell you all the topics that you should cover in each of these sections.

For English Section:- First of all, I must say that for English section the time management is a must because of the lengthy comprehension passages. The topic to be focussed for this section is Spot the Error, Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Correction, Cloze Passage, Comprehension Passage, Sentence Rearrangement. 

Now, the type of comprehension passage that you should practice is the passages focused on topics like Banking & Economy, Business, Social Issues etc. Fact. Inference and Theme based questions.

Let’s discuss the weightage of topics that come under English Section, Comprehension Passage (7-10 Marks), Grammer (5-10), Vocabulary (7-10), Verbal ability (0-5). From these weightage estimate, you can decide which wants your more attention and which is not. So this is how you have to prepare yourself for English Section.

For Reasoning Section:- This section is more scoring which actually judges your reasoning ability. The topics to be focussed for this section is Coding & Decoding, Inequalities, Syllogisms, Puzzles (Esp Seating Arrangement and Double Line up). To crack this section you have to practice more and more because the question in reasoning has no end.

The one of the best thing about reasoning question is that you will find most of the answer is hidden in the question itself, you just only need to understand the question carefully and then you will easily get your answer.

For Quantitative Aptitude:- Data Interpretation and Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most important section that candidate should focus on to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt, this section is often neglected by the candidates because they think that it is more time-consuming. Yes, it is time-consuming but still, the candidate should practice this section as much as possible. The topics to be focussed for this section is Decimal and Fractions, Simplification, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Averages, Interest (Simple and Compound), Profit and Loss, Time and distance, Problems on Sharing, Number Series, Frequency polygon, Bar-diagram, Pie-chart.

Don’t forget to revise the tables and basic formulae, because you will need them while solving this section.

For Computer Knowledge Section:- It is one of the easiest section and scoring section which require knowledge of basic computers and networking. Good knowledge of computer can help the candidates in increasing their score. The topics to be focussed for this section is the computer, parts of computer, internet, MS Office, Computer languages, Operating system.

This section doesn’t require much practice if you know the basics of the computer and its working. But still, you can’t neglect this section because it is the scoring section so you must prepare for this section also but a little less than other sections.

For Financial Awareness Section:- This section includes questions related to banking and economy. Just make sure that you are well aware of the current happenings in the world and also a little knowledge of GK would be enough for cracking this section. The topics to be focused for this section is finance, economic, History of banking, Banking terms, fiscal & monetary policies etc.

If your General Knowledge is not that good then you must focus on this section because it is very easy and scoring section to crack and I don’t want you to lose your marks in this section.

So, that’s all about the section topics that you should focus on. I hope you will follow all these four points that mentioned above. And I am sure if you followed this then no one can stop you to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt. 

“All the very Best for your Exam”

Now, I believe you can also Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt. Go ahead and Crack it.

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My Words To You!

Cracking SBI Clerk Exam in first attempt is not a rocket science, You just need to study hard and wait for the result. 

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How to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt 2018 - Preparation Plan/Tips/Guide
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How to Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt 2018 - Preparation Plan/Tips/Guide
Crack SBI Clerk Exam in First Attempt - Follow the SBI Clerk Preparation Plan 2018, all the strategy, tips, and guide. You can easily crack the SBI Clerk Exam within 1 or 2 Months. 4 Important Strategy to follow to clear SBI clerk exam. Check now how to prepare for SBI Clerk exam 2018. For Prelims and Mains both exam.

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